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Established 1959

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Gerard F. Lane of Hingham, Massachusetts, founded the Law Office of Gerard F. Lane in 1959.  Mr. Lane was a Korean War hero and a graduate of Boston College and Boston College Law School.  In his career Mr. Lane was an extremely successful trial attorney representing criminal and civil clients before most every court in the Commonwealth and in the Federal Circuit.  His accomplishments are too great to list here (see profile), but suffice it to say that Attorney Lane’s efforts changed the course of the law and of the lives of many clients. 


Gerard F. Lane II joined his father at the firm in January 2000.  Prior to that, Mr. Lane worked as the Controller and Office Manager of a prestigious Boston law firm for 10 years. During this time, Lane II passed the Certified Public Account (CPA) exam and attended Suffolk University Law School in the evenings.  He passed the CPA in 1993 and joined the Massachusetts Bar in 1996.


Bringing finance, accounting, banking, and business and management skills to the table was a great addition to a firm that had already proven itself again and again in the courtrooms of Massachusetts.


Both attorneys have practiced in the Federal Court, State Superior Court, State District Court, Juvenile Court and Probate and Family Court and in front of the Industrial Accident Board (workers’ compensation), and collectively have represented their clients in most areas of the law.


Integrity + Law = Integrilaw


No two cases are alike, and no two clients have the same needs.  Every situation is in some way, new.  However, there will always be one thread that travels through this firm – Integrity.  We deeply care about our clients.  Law is a business like no other – people truly depend on us.  They trust us.  They put their faith in us.  And we believe in our clients, in the law, and in justice.

Our Specialty 

“We have both tried so many different types of cases and represented so many different clients that it would be difficult to say, ‘This is our specialty'.  But there is one exception.  

So, I answer the oft-asked question: 

                                "What is your firm's specialty?" thus: 

                                    'We specialize in our clients.'"Gerard F. Lane II 


And that is what sets the Law Offices of Gerard F. Lane apart.



Our Client is our Specialty.



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