Law Offices of Gerard F. Lane
Established 1959

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Attorneys Lane

Historic Faneuil Hall

Attorney Gerard F. Lane presents his son with his
 Massachusetts Bar Certificate - December 19, 1996

Gerard F. Lane, Sr.                  Gerard F. Lane II


“My father began this firm in 1959; not many months after finishing law school.  He worked at that time for a highly prestigious law firm in Boston and had prepared his first case for trial while still an associate.  When he learned that his case was going to be tried by a partner of the firm (since newly-sworn-in lawyers did not try cases), he respectfully stated, “I did not work my way through law school while serving full time as a Massachusetts parole officer to sit on the sidelines”.  He then respectfully resigned and began his own practice, and he has been trying cases ever since.  Remarkably, until this day, he remains loved, respected and admired by the very partners of the law firm from which he resigned.   



What greater honor is there than to bear the name of a man whom you love, respect and admire?  If there is one, I do not know of it.  Equally though, what greater responsibility is there than to continue the dream began half a century ago of representing those most in need of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with all the skill you have and all the zeal and you can muster?  Further, what greater inheritance can one ask for than a law practice that has seen the insides of most every courtroom in Massachusetts and helped literally thousands of people find justice through the ultimate equalizer – the law?


I love my law practice, and I love the law firm of Gerard F. Lane.  While I am its current namesake and benefactor, the firm is much more than just my clients and me.  The Law Offices of Gerard F. Lane is a living testament to people in need who have been represented, validated, defended and vindicated for over fifty years.  I am merely a brick in a far larger structure.   




At various times it has been suggested that I should shutter the firm so that I may join another.  Similarly, it has at times been suggested that it might be financially feasable to merge the Law Offices of Gerard F. Lane with another firm. 

At this time I simply cannot do that, because I believe that I am merely a step in a larger journey; one begun by my father and one not yet completed.  When that journey is complete, we shall see. 

Until that time however, all in need are invited to join me.  Until that time, and so long as we are in practice, we will represent you as we do all our clients – with passion, skill and integrity.   


So long as I can bring honor and integrity to the Law Offices of Gerard F. Lane I shall continue to practice law - 'the noblest of all professions' - under that name.   



-                     Gerard F. Lane II



So long as the public of Massachusetts wants and needs a full service law firm that is more interested in integrity and justice than it is in its profit margin, we are here to serve you.